Waterfalls & Creeks

Over the last several weeks I've been chasing the changing colors of the leaves south from Dupont State Forest in North Carolina to Greenville South Carolina.  Although I've seemed to be a bit behind the peak, I've managed to get some great photographs of the fall color around a few waterfalls and creeks.

I was definitely late to the party at Hooker Falls in Dupont State Forest but even after the leaves had fallen they made a colorful carpet to accent the banks of the Little River.

The Slickum Creek is one of my favorite secret sources of waterfalls.  It is a short walk from the popular Wildcat Falls where a ribbon and a small "falls" sign point into the woods.  It wasn't until my fourth time visiting this creek that I finally encountered another person!

Before getting to the "Sweet Thing", just steps off of Hwy 276 are the Last Falls on Slickum Creek where this first photo was taken.  The fallen leaves were circulating in a shallow pool just below the falls creating several interesting eddies that are visible in this long exposure.

The Sweet Thing on Slickum waterfall is a pretty stream of water coming over a wide amphitheater of layered rock into a shallow pool.  Great for wading and wonderful for photography from many angles.

The Rock Quarry Garden in Greenville is a beautiful hidden park next door to the very popular Cleveland Park downtown.  I first saw this while out running 3 years ago and wish I would have explored it sooner.  It was a pre-Civil War granite quarry and now is a nicely landscaped park with a very small waterfall.

Finally Google Earth is amazing!  While I thought I had pretty well explored my local area, I stumbled across the Anderson Mill on the Tyger river in Spartanburg one evening while browsing the app.  During my first "scouting" trip of the spot I was pleasantly surprised with these images of the mill and river, I can't wait to go back!

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