The Long View

Recently I've been working with some various "long exposure" techniques at Table Rock State Park using a new neutral density 1000 10 stop filter and the Sony PlayMemories Time-lapse app.

The ND filter only allows 0.1% of the normal amount of light to pass through it!  Which allowed me to leave the shutter open for about 10 minutes during the sunrise on Table Rock from Pinnacle Lake to get the image below.


The filter is great for showing the motion of the clouds and giving another option for something to shoot when the light isn't the best.

The Sony PlayMemories Time-Lapse app is another way to capture the passage of time in an image which can be assembled into a movie or stacked into a single image.

However my favorite use for the app is for star trails!  I setup the camera in one of my favorite spots and had it take 30 second exposures for over an hour while I watched a show on my iPad and stayed warm in my truck.  Then using Photoshop or StarStaX (and lots of patience) merged the images to reveal the path of the stars as they rotated around the North Star.