Oregon Roadtrip ... the way out

967 miles of Oregon photography wonderland in just three days!  I admit it was a bit much but I was way too excited to photograph the beaches and mountains in Oregon that I couldn't help myself.  Fortunately the days were long! I had plenty of time after photographing the sunrise to try a local bakery, get some coffee, and then to drive to a new location where I would plan out the compositions for the coming sunset and next morning's sunrise.

I started the first morning at Trillium Lake for a view of the alpenglow on Mt. Hood during the sunrise.  The lake was still and made for a perfect reflection which I shared with a few other bleary eyed photographers who were there all night for the Perseid meteor shower.

Mount Hood from Trillium Lake

Mount Hood from Trillium Lake

I left the clear skies behind as I drove west to the coast into a predictable steady drizzle of rain.  Fortunately as I made my way south from Cannon Beach, to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, the Haceta Head Lighthouse, and finally Bandon Beach the skies steadily improved.

Crater Lake National Park is a photographers dream.  A road and several hiking trails circle the entire lake allowing great compositions of the lake from any angle.  I was almost overwhelmed by the choices, driving around the lake twice before I finally settled on Sentinel Rock and Hillman Peak to photograph the sunset and sunrise respectively.

The trip back coming soon...

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