Poinsett Bridge

An interesting historical subject in the Upstate foothills that is really too easy to get to.  The bridge has an interesting history, constructed in 1820 as part of a road to link Charleston and Columbia to Tennessee, made possible by Joel Poinsett (US Ambassador to Mexico and bringer of the poinsettia flower to the US) and designed by Robert Mills architect of the Washington Monument.

Flash with 1/2 CTO gel under the bridge.

Flash with 1/2 CTO gel under the bridge.

Easily found by Google maps the bridge is directly across the road from the large parking area.  I always prefer a bit of adventure and exercise leading up to a photographic location so this area is a bit of a letdown.  However it does make for easy last minute trips and playing with lighting gear that is otherwise a pain to carry for miles.  Upstream from the bridge is a nice little cascade which I couldn't resist.

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