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Personal Photography Review & Follow-Up

Personal Photography Review & Follow-Up


Two hours split into two sessions to meet and review your photographs!  I’ll discuss ways to improve your photos and editing techniques with you but best of all this service includes a second follow up meeting after you have implemented the feedback to see your progress!  It is easy to find lots of “advice” and “tutorials” on improving your photography online.  But this service is personalized to you, it’s the fastest way to see an improvement, and the Follow-Up will give you confidence that you are advancing your photography!

After purchasing this Personal Photography Review & Follow-up package I will provide you a link to share your 10 photographs with me to review.  Once I receive those I will contact you to arrange our first one hour meeting.  As a bonus I will also send you my Photography Basics ebook which is written to help you start making creative decisions with your camera settings.

The first meeting we will review each photo and discuss what could be done to take them to the next level while photographing and editing.  I will focus on ideas for camera settings, editing techniques, lighting, and composition.  We will end our first meeting discussing a plan to implement these new ideas on your next photoshoot.

After you have had a chance to work on the new techniques we discussed we will have a second one hour meeting to see the results!  There are always questions that come up the first time you try something new and this gives me the opportunity to follow-up with how it’s going and answer those new questions.

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