Lee Falls Special Area

It sure is!  That’s the location name that comes up when you search for Lee Falls in Google Maps.  This is a great waterfall to visit and photograph.  Unfortunately the directions Google gives will not lead you to the trail head.  Try these coordinates instead; 34.894351, -83.079860, continue until just before crossing a small bridge over Tamassee Creek and there is a parking area to the right.  The trail head is at the end of this parking lot, through a gate opening to a small field.

One of the many stream crossings on the way to the falls.

The 1.5 mile trail to this waterfall is quite interesting as it passes through several open fields, rare for a hike in the Carolina mountains.  It also makes several creek crossings which make waterproof boots very handy.  It is a very easy trail until you get to the waterfall itself.  There is starts to wind its way through boulders and downed trees, making it a fun maze.  At this point you can hear and see the falls, so just pick whichever path you like and enjoy this special area!

Lee Falls

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